EAG Vision & Value Proposition

  • EAG tackles the global problem of lack of female vocational education holistically, efficiently and building alongside local communities. It focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, communications and self- confidence training with a key purpose to connecting the scholars to jobs. It plans to be a disrupter in this  sector.
  • EAG is partnering with stakeholders in addressing this global problem and subsequent loss of young women in the work force. We will upgrade the influence of women in the work force by providing them with the skills they need to be present.
  • By aligning with EAG, donors will be a key part of a solution and a movement transforming the lives of one million young women. The process aims to be transparent and accountable with each of the million girls assigned a winner number in their city (1-1000), with matching facebook albums chronicling their journey  and their donor’s role. This makes this process personal and human as well as reminds all that the scholars  are truly “winners” of a specific group of young women that while has great impact, has a specific and  quantifiable end goal.