Our Social Model

Our actions plan

 We aim to educate and empower 1000 girls in 1000 cities across the globe in diverse field like Entrepreneurship, Media, Journalism, Coding, Finance, Climate & Environment, Soft Skills and many more. We have successfully educated and empowered 1000 girls in Karachi, Pakistan and 250 girls in Lagos, Nigeria and higher achievers have been employed at internships and jobs.

The problem we are trying to solve

Girls all around the world face different forms of prevalent discriminations; the reason being the outdated social norms, patriarchal culture and gender based violence. this limits girls from basic life facilities like nutrition, education, health, equal career and growth opportunities, resulting in weak status of girls in community causing the potential remained untapped

The solution we proposed

Financial dependency is one of the major constraints that hinder girls from acquiring the education in order to pursue their career and dreams. Educate a Girl fill this important gap by providing underprivileged girls with fully funded skill based and capacity building vocational courses to empower and enabled young women for their future career prospects.



As mention earlier, one of our major focus in this programme is to eliminate the financial independency of girls; in order to do that we provide scholarships to the girls for completion of their vocational courses. These scholarships are funded by our respected donors and funders.

Vocational Cources

Vocational Courses

From the time of its conception Educate a Girl has educated girls in different fields which includes:

  1. Media & Journalism
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Coding
  4. Finance
  5. Climate & Environment
  6. Interpersonal Skills
  7. Personality Grooming
Alumni Engagement

"Educate a Girl" has successfully achieved its goal of educating and empowering 1000 deserving young women in Karachi, Pakistan. As part of the project's expansion plan we have develop an Alumni Engagement Program for all the "Educate a Girl" Scholarship Winners. The core aim of such programme is to facilitate and engage the respected Alumni that will work in three ways, mentioned below:


  1. The further professional enhancement and development of the individual participant.
  2. To provide a SAFE SPACE for young women of Karachi where they feel themselves secure and free to interact and express their feelings.
  3. To grow a strong and long lasting bond of friendship and understanding among the Alumni to formed a strong league of change makers and advocates of girl empowerment.


The Alumni Program is consists of series of 12 interactive session happens at the interval of each month in one calendar year of 2017.