In addition to our live trainings, Educate a Girl is educating online vocationally 1000 deserving girls in 1000 cities – 1 million girl project – in entrepreneurship, leadership, coding, negotiations, communications, grooming, self-confidence, public speaking, et al – in partnership with Facebook. Each scholarship is still USD 100/girl and donors can donate as many scholarships or as often as they like (once a week, a month, a year, a lifetime). We were prevented from entering Turkey and Quetta due to the law and order situation and so partnered with Facebook for an online version with 1000 online modules created by Harvard Business School alumni, translated by Google translator with spot checks and cultural sensitivity by 18 year old girls in different cities we hire. Our first 5 modules are already live on Facebook’s Free Basic software (funded by them) in English, Turkish, Urdu and Russian.