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Alumni Engagement Program

From the very beginning “Educate a Girl” has become a large and diverse community of girls; gathered under one cause that thrives on shared learning and experiences; forming a strong individual identity that shaped our strategic mission. At the heart of our strategy lies a shared purpose which firmly embed the idea of girl’s empowerment through education so that they will be enable to realize their true potential and actively play their integral role in economic development of the country.

Our alumni stand as an essential component of our identity, carrying the history and achievements of our past, present and future and we want to see themas a diverse hub of sisters from around the world; being wired and connected for one cause, aiding them in achieving growth and sustainability together.

For the above, we have our Alumni Engagement Program which serve two main pruposes:

  1. Promote better understanding of the needs of Alumni, alongside identifying and involving potential participants who shows emotional attachment with the cause.
  2. Integrating tools and ways that will help in effectively engaging the Alumni which will foster innovation to the cause and become an inspirational journey for them.

One Cause One Community

The core aim of the program is to create a mutually beneficial alumni relations program that will strengthen and engage the Alumni community and support the Educate a Girl’s vision for years to come. The program will encouraged alumni to become the valued supporters, advocates, strategic partners, mentors and even donors.